PHP 5.6 Basics

PHP 5.6.0 was released yesterday, which marks another milestone for PHP development. With it comes a nice set of new features and a few BC breaks. I’ll go over some of the more prominent points and link to a list of everything for your deeper perusal. As for features, the most interesting to me are improved handling of variatic functions and argument unpacking with ..., constant scalar expressions, exponentiation, and file downloads that can exceed 2 GB. There are a few more, but these are, perhaps, the ones that the average developer may encounter/use on a regular basis.

Welcome to the Orlando PHP Blog

Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is the start of another step toward bringing the community some content, a forum to voice new ideas, and somewhere to centralize news and information for PHP in Orlando and the greater Central Florida area. We also have the page, but we hope this will serve as a compliment to that. Thanks for joining us.